Miscellaneous Stuff

Here you'll find some miscellanous, mostly unmaintained stuff that some people might usefull. As always: If you want to submit patches, please fork the code on Github and send pull requests. If you need to report a bug, please open an issue on Github.


ifstat is a small utility to dump FreeBSD interface statics into a CSV file which can be opened in LibreOffice or some other spreadsheet application: ifstat on Github


jail2 is an alternative rc script for FreeBSD jails. It was usefull until FreeBSD 9.3 where the official rc script had not support for /etc/jail.conf. Now it's superseded by the base systems 'jail' rc script: jail2 on Github, jail2 on Freshports


startwm is a simple wrapper script around the bhyve hypervisor. It can be used to start, control and stop FreeBSD, Linux and OpenBSD VMs: startvm on Github,