Yamagi Quake II

Yamagi Quake II is an enhanced client for id Software's Quake II. The main focus is an unchanged single player experience like back in 1997, thus the gameplay and the graphics are unaltered. Over 1000 bugs were fixed and an extensive code audit done, making Yamagi Quake II one of the most solid Quake II implementations available. Other than most ports Yamagi Quake II is full 64 bit clean, so it works perfectly on modern 64 bit processors and operating systems. Yamagi Quake II is supported on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD and Windows (XP or higher). Porting to other (POSIX compliant) systems should be easy.

- Anisotropic filtering.
- Compatible with most mods (as long as their source is available).
- From scratch rewritten savegame system.
- Full 64 bit support.
- Ingame soundtrack playback via OGG/Vorbis.
- IPv6 support.
- Mature and stable codebase.
- No gameplay and graphic enhancements, but optional support for retexturing packs.
- OpenAL for sound (supports surround sound, can be disabled).
- SDL for input and rendering.
- Support for unlimited screen size / resolutions.
- Widescreen support.

Things that won't be implemented:
- Gameplay and graphic enhancements.
- r1q2 network protocol.


Yamagi Quake started in 2009 as a small internal project to clean up the Icculus Quake 2 client. Being the only 64 bit clean Quake II client with single player focus for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD and Windows, it gained fast in popularity. Now, 3 years and 4 major releases later, things have changed. Both Daniel and I have no longer much freetime to spend and new, exiting projects are lurking around the corner. So we've decided to put Yamagi Quake II on Github and encourage everyone to participate in it's development. Visit us at https://github.com/yquake2


On 05/08/2014 Quake II 5.23 was released. Changes since 5.22 are:

- Provide gl_hudscale cvar that can be changed to scale the HUD, for high resolutions etc. (by caedes)
- Several menu improvements.
- A better work around for the "the mouse cursor hits the window border" SDL2 problem.

On 01/01/2013 Three Wave Capture The Flag 1.02 was released. Changes since 1.01 are:

- Port 'Three Wave Capture The Flag' to Mac OS X

On 05/08/2014 The Reckoning 2.01 was released. Changes since 2.00 are:

- Fix a progress stopper in xware.bsp

On 05/08/2014 Ground Zero 2.00 and was released. Changes since 1.07 are:

- Cleanup of the whole source, nearly every line was audited and touched.
- Add sanity checks to all function.
- Fix all known bugs.
- Merge all missing changes from baseq2.

Yamagi Quake II: Yamagi Quake II Client Version 5.23 (05/08/2014)
Three Wave Caputure The Flag: Three Wave CTF Version 1.02 (01/01/2013)
The Reckoning: The Reckoning Version 2.01 (05/08/2014)
Ground Zero: Ground Zero Version 2.00 (05/08/2014)

Older versions can be found here: Old releases
Debian packages build by cades can be found here: Debian packages
Prebuild Windows binaries (incl. addons) can be found here: Yamagi Quake II 5.23 for Windows
Prebuild OS X binaries (broken and totally unsupported!) can be found here: Yamagi Quake II 5.11 for OS X

Bug Reports

To report a bug, open a new issue at Github Be sure to read the README file and to follow all instructions! Most "bugs" are just configuration problems and a waste of time. Please include an accurate problem description and - if possible - a screenshot of the problematic situation and the name of the map.