Debian packages of Yamagi Quake II

Here you will find Debian packages of Yamagis Quake II Port.
They were built for Debian etch, so they *should* work on any halfway recent Debian-based Linux distribution like Ubuntu. This wasn't excessively tested though, so feedback (to "metalcaedes .AT. gmail .DOT. com") would be appreciated.
The packages are known to work on Debian lenny (i386 and amd64), Ubuntu 8.10 (i386) and Ubuntu 9.04 (amd64).


- 2012-09-09 -
Packages for Yamagi Quake II 5.00, The Reckoning 1.08 and Ground Zero 1.06 are ready.
This version fixes a segfault underwater when using SDL audio and introduces aspect ratio selection in the video menu, a better random number generator configurable SDL sound driver via s_sdldriver and some smaller bugfixes.

- 2012-05-27 -
Packages for Yamagi Quake II 4.21 are ready.
This version fixes all known segfaults and freezes introduced with the OpenAL code from 4.20.

- 2012-04-29 -
Packages for Yamagi Quake II 4.20 are ready.
This version introduces support for OpenAL (surround) sound and fixes some small bugs.
Install the libopenal1 package if you want to use OpenAL sound, else the default SDL (stereo-only) sound backend will be used.
If you have surround speakers you may have to configure OpenAL to use them, that's done in the /etc/openal/alsoft.conf file.
Savegames from 4.03 and 4.10 are compatible.

- 2012-04-17 -
Packages for Yamagi Quake II 4.10 are ready.
This version introduces support for retexturing packs, fixes a bug that could cause memory leaks and even crashes in the menu system and much more.
Savegames from 4.03 are compatible.

- 2012-02-19 -
Finally, packages for Yamagi-Quake2 4.03, The Reckoning 1.07 and Ground Zero 1.05 are ready.
These versions fix a lot of bugs including broken gl_ext_multitexture and introduce a new savegame-system that will finally allow savegame-compatibility after recompiling and with new versions of the game - as long as there are no breaking changes.
Beware!: However, this version again breaks savegame compatibility with the last one!

- 2011-03-07 -
Packages for version 3.00 are ready. It has improved sound support, better tab-completion in the console and various bugfixes.
There's also a new version of the addons, fixing some bugs.
Beware!: This version breaks savegame compatibility!

- 2010-02-24 -
Packages for the brand new stable version 2.11 are ready. This brings back support for blending (when using quad damage or picking up an item etc) and should fix crashes on Ubuntu 9.10.
Also the script starting quake2 now disables the gnome screensaver while playing (this is a workaround for Ubuntu Bug #32457)
Savegames of version 2.10.RC3 will work with this new version, because the game.so wasn't changed.

- 2010-02-01 -
Finally packages for the the 2.x version of Yamagi Quake II are ready!
This brings you, amongst other changes, support for OGG/Vorbis music and custom resolutions. See /usr/share/doc/yamagi-quake2/README and README.Debian for further information.
Beware!: This version breaks savegame-compatibility because of various changes and Quake2's horrible savegame-code, which makes savegames unuseable even if you just recompile the game.so...
I hope to avoid breaking savegames in the future by avoiding to recompile the game.so if its code is not affected by changes.

This is still a RC (Release Candidate) version, so please test it and send bugreports to me ("metalcaedes .AT. gmail .DOT. com") or Yamagi (quake2@yamagi.org).

There are three different packages

containing Yamagis Quake II-Client.
It depends on libsdl1.2debian (>= 1.2.10-1) and libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6). Since version 2.x it also depends on libvorbisfile3 (>= 1.1.2) and zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.1), because of OGG/Vorbis and PK3 support.
Once installed, you may start the game with
$ yamagiq2
or by clicking the entry in your desktops menu in the section "games".

Installs either the Quake II-game-data from a Quake II CD or the Quake 4 Bonus DVD and installs the quake2 3.20 pointrelease incl. CTF or installs the Quake II-Demo.
It depends on wget, unzip, debconf (>= 0.5.00).

containing the game libs of the official Quake II Missionpacks (The Reckoning, Ground Zero).
The package also contains scripts to install the missionpacks game-data from the original CDs or the Quake 4 Bonus DVD in /usr/share/doc/yamagi-quake2-addons/examples/
The missionpacks can be started with
$ yamagiq2-MP1
to start Q2: The Reckoning or
$ yamagiq2-MP2
to start Q2: Ground Zero
or by clicking the entry in your desktops menu in the section "games".


The most recent versions of the binary packages are linked.
If you want an older version or the packages sources (to build your own packages for another architecture or whatever) look here.

Newest stable version:
yamagi-quake2: i386 amd64
quake2-data (still old version): all architectures
yamagi-quake2-addons: i386 amd64

For your convenience I created tarballs containing the latest version of all three packages for amd64 und i386.
Newest stable version:
All-in-One package for i386
All-in-One package for amd64


After you have downloaded the packages you want to install, you may install them via
$ dpkg -i /your/path/to/packages/PACKAGE.deb
where PACKAGE.deb should be replaced by the package you want to install, for example "yamagi-quake2_1.05-1_i386.deb".
You need root privileges to do this, so become root or place "sudo" in front of the command.

The executables and game libs will be installed to /usr/lib/games/yamagi-quake2/.
The game data (levels, videos, ...) are expected to be located in /usr/share/games/quake2/

For further information (on how to install the game data etc) see /usr/share/doc/yamagi-quake2/README.Debian and /usr/share/doc/yamagi-quake2-addons/README.Debian after installing the package(s).

Have a lot of fun,
- Daniel ("caedes")