Touka Visual Novel Engine

Touka is a ncurses based engine for visual novels. Conceptually loosely modeled after the famous Nitroplus engine, it allows the author to write complex works of nearly unlimited size. The reader may choose between distinct ways through the novel and get get additional information from room description and a glossary. Links to such items are automatically highlighted.
The engine features all common convenience options like an input history or command completion. A free savegame function is provided. Currently Touka is able to run on FreeBSD and Linux, but porting it to other Unix platforms should be easy. With under 5.000 lines the code is small and tight, the compiled binary is just about 50K small. The code is written in pure C99 and compiles with -pedantic. The only dependencies are libc and ncurses. Other, compatible curses implementations may work too.

Development And Bug Reports

Toukas development is hosted on Github. If you want to help out with some patches or exciting new features please fork our codebase and send a pull request. To report a bug please open an issue at the Github project. You can find it here: https://github.com/yamagi/touka


On 04/25/2015 Touka 1.0 was released. Changes since the 0.9 are:
- Switch to CMake.
- Fix translation errors.
- General code cleanup and some bugfixes.

Touka: Touka Visual Novel Engine 1.0 (04/25/2015)
Older versions can be found here: Old releases